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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Multipathing question ??

Good Morning every one :smileyvery-happy:

Kindly I want to know In the following design


How many LUN1s are seen by FC HBA1?

How many ISLs must exist between the two switches to make a difference in how many LUN1s are seen by each FC HBA?

If the ISLs are trunked between the two switches, does it make a difference in how many LUN1s are seen by each FC HBA?





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Re: Multipathing question ??

In my opinion

1) 1 LUN, however without a multipath solution the server may display all paths to the LUN as  individual LUNs', once the disk has been formatted it will report all but one as duplicate path and disregards that duplicate path


2&3) makes no difference



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Re: Multipathing question ??

As Dion mentioned it will see only one LUN but multiple paths to that LUN. The ISL's in this configuration are not of influence since it still provides only one path. According to FSPF this is the same link to the target.


You will need MPIO however othwise you'll be in for some headaches.

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