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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Move from single alias to multiple aliases

I am working with a customer that is using a single alias on each of their Brocade fabrics for all the storage ports for their storage array. For example a typical zone looks like this:




Where the Zone Alias SAN_7 above contains three pWWNs from the storage array the host is connected to. I am working on migrating them to Zone Aliases that contain a single storage port pWWN as the customer is expanding their environment and using a single Zone Alias makes it difficult to split up the storage port assignments in zoning.

My plan is to create new Zone Aliases first as follows:





For migrating the existing zones to the new Zone Aliases is where I am undecided and would like some feedback from the community on the best way to do this without disrupting existing traffic. Two options that I thought of are:

Option 1: Add new array Zone Aliases to existing zones, remove old array Zone Alias, activate zone changes.

     (Not sure if I can do that all in one step and so am unsure about this option but it seems the simplest method)

Option 2: Create new Zones using new array Zone Aliases and host Zone Alias, activate zone changes, remove old zone, activate zone changes.


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Re: Move from single alias to multiple aliases

You can do the second option in a single step because finally you are not changing anything from the zoning point of view. The Server can access the same storage ports as before.

You should do this during low traffic period.

I hope this helps,


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