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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mixed switch SAN firmware upgrade

I have two fabrics build around 2 - 3800 switches running v3.2.0 firmware and 1 - 4020 blade center switch running 5.0.4a firmware. I am planning on upgrading the firmware on both types of switches:

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Re: Mixed switch SAN firmware upgrade

Hi Stuart,,-&gt;&gt;&gt; Yes, is work. Beetwen v5.0.4 and v5.0.5 was only fixed reported and no change in the FabOS release.<BR><BR>For exact details see the Appropriate release Notes both FabOS 3.x and 5.x, by Defect Closed.<BR> <BR>2. Any known interoperability issues with this combination of OS's? (I haven't found any)<BR><BR>-&gt;&gt;&gt; Latest Compatibility Matrix can be Download here:-&gt;&gt;&gt; Upgrade First both 4020 Blade switch v5.0.5a ( by the way the latest is v5.0.5c ) after upgarde is completed upgrade teh both 3800. <BR><BR><BR>4. I will be upgrading one fabric at a time, and plan on checking HBA connectivity after each upgrade before continuing. What system checks should I pursue? (HP-UX and Windows environments)<BR><BR>-&gt;&gt;&gt; see here in the compatibility Matrix is the HBA Firmware/Bios and Driver are Approved whit the new FabOS, but probably is work.Stuart


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