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Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

Hello All,

We've purchased 4 new Brocade 48000 switches (via HP) and we want to migrate the SAN fabric from the existing Brocade 12000s.  My question is what is the proper way to perfom the migration?

I understand that by performing one switch at a time (to prevent losing access to data) is the best avenue but it's more than that.  I am going to replace 4-12000 switches with 4-48000 switches.  Right now I can only do one side so I have to xfer 2-12000s to 1-48000 and then install the other switches.

Probably made things more confusing:

12000 Switch+12000 Switch to ONE Brocade 48000

Hard to explain why we have to to it this way.  There are enough ports on the 48000 that I should be able to move the two 12000s to the one 48000 until I can move space and add the other two Brocade 48000s.  I imagine importing the zonesets and moving the cabling over SHOULD be ok but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't mess something up.

I do plan on backing up the data just in case.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?


you question is confused, please clarify me.

You want to Migrate

4x OLD 12000 Director


4x NEW 48000 Director.

Correct ?

Next Step you want to Migrate the config from TWO OLD 12K into a Single 48K.

Corect ?

SAN Migration is very simple, you may have to check the FOS Release from 12K with the Current 48K FOS, make sure you are on Both Plattforms compatible by FOS Release.

are All OLD 12K in the same Fabric - ISL - or  as Standalone ?

A simple Procedure is ifyou use DCFM, if not, you have to Migrate Manually.

The problem is here follow:

You want to Migrate TWO 12K i.e. Domain ID 1 and 2 config into a Single 48K, Domain ID i.e. 14

At this point i would procede whit follow Step:

make sure the 48K is correct configured, Unique DID, check OS compatibility, and all Fabric parameter are correct set.

Now you can connect - ISL - the first 12K to 48K, the Migration will beginn and the config will be available in the NEW 48K

after this step is completed successfully, check by 48K if the I/O is Healthy and all Connection Device, Server, Array etc, are working.

Begin to Test Unplug the Cable from 12K - Device, Server, Array, and Plug into a NEW 48K, for testing only but leave all to 12K.

Disconnect NOW the ISL from 48K

This i sthe First Step.

At next Step you may have to Migrate the Second 12K to 48K, same procedure as the First Migration but you must work with some command in order to add Alias and Zone in the NEW 48K config, because only ONE can beceome Active and available

Let me know, if you have more question

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

Sorry I am so late replying.  I have a new question for you.

I have multiple brocade switches and I want to condense them into a Core/Edge fabric.  How can I export the zoneset configurations on the switches that will be "retired" and import them into the new Code/Edge fabric?  I was trying to find a way to export the zoneset and alias and add them into the new switches but is this just a case of creating ISLs and merging fabrics A and B?

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

You're right the easiest way is to connect the new switch to the fabric so that it joins in and gets a copy of zoning configuration. This will also verify that fabric parameters on the new switch match those in the production fabric (if they don't the new switch will segment out).

With Core/Edge design you could even do a rolling migration, as shown on the attached picture.

Another option is to save configuration data with configUpload from both new and old switch, then replace zoning section in the new switch's configuration and send it back to the switch with configDownload.

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

Just be aware that the New 48000 switch have a unique DID as the fabric will be segregated if not done . Migration will be a breeze . just be sure that the multipathing software is on the lates levels and supported . AIX hosts paths need to be disabled and removed from the host. When the hba path is migrated to the new switch , port the sysadm can do config scan to pick up the new switch path , with no i/o errors.I have just done a 48000 migration to a DCX. 

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

Thanks all.  This is great information. At my new site they don't have any directors so I am using a Brocade 5300 as the "Prinicpal" (Core) switch and will use 5100s as subordinates until we can gain the funding for a DCX (since the 48000s are going EOL soon, if not already).

Definitely appreciate the advice!

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

I am planning out a similar migration for a customer that is migrating from 4900s to 5300s in each fabric. The 5300s are new and won't have any zoning information on them and the 4900s are the production switches in Fabric A and Fabric B. So when adding the ISL to the new 5300 from the 4900 I understand that the fabrics will merge and the 5300 will have a copy of the zoning config. After the customer has physically moved the cables from the 4900 to the 5300 he can remove the ISL right? Is there any cleanup that will need to be done?

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

No cleanup is needed from the switch point of view.

On some servers you can get issues if dyn path tracking is not supported on the server (Older AIX versions had issues with it or not activated)

CHeck this thread as well

I hope this helps,


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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

There were a couple of options for us:

a) Export/Import the fabric (not as easy as one thinks).

b) Connect ISLs and merge zonesets (wasn't that easy with 36 switches)

c) Manually create the zonesets (we ended up using this option).

The reason we chose option C was because we had so many switches that were being condensed, which were also running so many different O/S versions that we felt the safest way to do this was to manually move the zonesets over one at a time.  This took 18 completely separate fabrics into two "Enterprise" class SAN fabrics -- plus it gave us backups in case anything failed.

We went from 36 switches down to 16 and eventually, when we can get a couple of DCXs we'll get it down to 8 total switches.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Migrating Brocade 12000 to 48000 -- any steps?

Thanks Brian and Andreas for the quick and helpful replies. Wicked big migration Brian, must have been a lot of fun. Fortunately this one is real simple with just migrating from old swtich to new switch in each fabric.

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