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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Merging Fabrics


I have 2 switchs 200 and 300 whith a FOS version 6.2.0c . The 2 sites are connected by DWDM which have to mask distance. When i try to connect them together, i've got the ports changing to E-port but nothing else. The fabric is not segmented but it is not merged too with no event. Whan i look at the port properties of my ISL, it says that no fabric licence is in place but the licenceshow confirm that the 2 switchs have the full fabric option. I'm pretty disapointed.

Have an idea ?

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Re: Merging Fabrics

Do you change domain ID?

Your zoneset is equal in both switches 300 and 200? 

Do you have differents ID domanis, but config SAN name equal, and name of zones distincts for switch 200 and 300 for do merging database


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Re: Merging Fabrics

please check the appropiate SFP (blue) is inserted for long distance extended fabrics.

Also follow procedure on the newone switch to extend fabric

plug in first ISL
fabricshow (should appear both switches)


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