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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Looking for .Ksh script template to monitor Brocade San & Disk Arrays

Hi Experts

I need to know can we put both i.e. all brocade San switches and Enterprise disk Arrays in one Korn Shell Script for Daily Environment checks ?

If this is possible then Is there any korn shell script template which we can edit & update ?

I would need your assistance here as to how to create a script for daily environment checks on Brocade san + Arrays.



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Re: Looking for .Ksh script template to monitor Brocade San & Disk Arrays


does it have to be Korn Shell?

To log on to a Brocade SAN switch and send commands via only ksh I guess you have to use 'expect' in some way, and expect is not really awesome.

I've used Ruby for monitoring switches (not written by me though) and it's been working great.

Perhaps you could write a kornshellscript that uses another language (Perl, Python, Ruby.. there's many of them) which can log on to switches and parse the output.

As for the "Enterprise Disk Array" - this depends on which array and which means of providing information it has.

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