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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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On a brocade switch that is new to me (part of an acquired company) the license show looks like this:



    8 Gig FC license

All my other switches give details, like Web, Zoning, etc.   Does this mean there are no licenses attached to this switch?


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Re: LicenseShow

user> licenseshow

    Fabric license
    First Ports on Demand license - additional 8 port upgrade license
    Enhanced Group Management license
    8 Gig FC license
    Extended Fabric license
    Fabric Watch license
    Performance Monitor license
    Trunking license
    Adaptive Networking license

your out put show that this is a 8 Gbps SW and in that if 6.1 is the FOS, web and zoning is included in this 8 Gbps SW. There is no extra license for these from 6.1. but other licenses you do not have. Atleast you need fabric license for merging the SWs through ISL and Trunking License to merge the SWs and to form trunks.

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Re: LicenseShow

Hi kstevely,

That really depends on the firmware version of your switch because different firmware versions have different licensing models.

Hermant is right on the fact that from 6.1 WebTools and Zoning licenses are no longer necessary, so may already have that functionality! =)

If you have a 8Gig switch, chances are that you are on version 6.1 or above. So you're lucky!


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Re: LicenseShow

Thanks very much for the answers!!!


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