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Latest supported FOS for silkworm 3850?



I need to upgrade FOS on silk worm 3850 from 4.4 to a better version. I read on another post v5.3.2c is the latest compatible version for this switch.


Anyone know if that's correct and where I can find the file? Also the uprgade path?


The switch is not used right now, so an outage is not of a concern.





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Re: Latest supported FOS for silkworm 3850?



You're right, Brocade 3850 supports v5.3.2c. To upgrade to it from v4.4, you should follow the following path:



v4.4 --> v5.0.x --> v5.1.x --> v5.2.x --> v5.3.2c


Unfortunately, I have no access to any place where these FOS versions are available.





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