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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Is the B32 Load Balanced

We have 2 machines a V7000 and a DS8000 going through 2 brocade switches to our DR site. I thought they were load balanced but I noticed after running the SAN health this weekend it seemed at times one switch was doing more work  than the other. Are they load balanced ?

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Re: Is the B32 Load Balanced

Well more info would be helpfull, now its just a guessing game.

How are things interconnected perhaps even a diagram with traffic flow.

In general its not bad if one switch has more workload then the other as long as the switch can handle it.

Find out why one switch handles more traffic, perhaps its your backup or replication solution.

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Re: Is the B32 Load Balanced

We have four 1gig paths for mirroring coming out of the DS8300, we have two 4 gig paths coming out of the V7000 for mirroring. Two paths on the DS8000 go to each BROCADE switch, One V7000 goes to each switch and two lines come out of each BROCADE switch to a DWDM to our DR site. All paths between the 2 sites are 1gig.

I can't tell why one would have more traffic than the other. All the volumes on the DS8300 and the V7000 are configured to use all paths for mirroring. On the BROCADE the only thing I copnfigured was the WWPN of all the devices and the zoning. I'm not sure if there an option to load balance or not. I know there isn't from the DS8000 and V7000 perspective.

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Re: Is the B32 Load Balanced

There are various load balancing mechanisms in Brocade switches, but at the end the fabric merely transports data that end devices send through.

So, it'd make more sense to look into storage arrays first.


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