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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Interconect brocade 5000 to brocade 5300

I need to interconect one brocade 5000 to one brocade 5300. Both have the same version v6.4.2a. What is the best practice prior to interconect? The B5300 is active. The B5000 is off.

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Re: Interconect brocade 5000 to brocade 5300

1) I see that you have B5000 off(If not new) can check if there is any config in it..if there is one clean it completely.

2) Provide new domain id for the switch (B5000) not same as the B5300.

3) Make sure the both the switch setting's are same eg) below R_A_TOV ,E_D_TOV, WAN_TOV, MAX_HOPS are same.

4) Use minimum 2 ISL for interconnect between switches(that should help in redundancy).

Once these are done properly B5000 should be in the same fabric and the zone information will merge on B5000.

Note : ISL will not perform Load balancing , If you need to get load balancing you need to buy trunking license.

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Re: Interconect brocade 5000 to brocade 5300

Another option would be to make the B5000 an Access Gateway.  Witch might give you a little more flexibility with what you can do with it.   But a lot depends,  Is this a switch with POD,(ports on demand)? (how many ports do you have licensed, how many more ports are you needing).  Going the AG way could give you a way to  manually load balance the connection between the two.   It sounds like you are looking for a temporary solution, before you need to upgrade to a bigger switch...

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