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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Insistend Domain ID Mode in SAN router

Hi gurus,

I have 2 SAN routers (IBM SAN04M-R, I think it is Brocade 7500E) in the same fabric on 2 different locations for DR purposes and their Domain ID's are 51 and 52. On one of the SAN routers the "Insistend Domain ID Mode" is Enabled and on the other is Disabled. The firmwares are 6.4.1a.

What is the meaning of this parameter and is this a problem (to be different) ? I have other SAN routers with older firmware and they don't have this parameter.



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Re: Insistend Domain ID Mode in SAN router

As i don't know it aswell, if been looking around and found some info on

A quote from that page.

 An insistent domain ID is a function of the fabric that does not allow the switch address to be automatically changed when a duplicate switch address is added to the fabric. Instead, fabrics that use insistent domain IDs require an operator's overt action to change a switch address. The customization of fabric-binding and the setting of an insistent domain ID are normally done only at switch installation time or reinstallation time. 

Look to me its FICON related.

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Re: Insistend Domain ID Mode in SAN router

As mentioned above, Insistent Domain ID Mode is a switch parameter that controls switch behaviour in case when domain IDs overlap. A switch in IDID mode will segment itself from the fabric if it's not granted Domain ID it requested. The point is to either preserve a pre-configured domain ID or do not participate in fabric at all.

This feature is mandatory in FICON. It is also useful in some classic HP-UX and AIX fabrics where FCID (Domain/Area/Port) is used to identify particular storage target.

This is per-switch setting, not fabric parameter, therefore it can have different values on different switches within the same fabric.

It has nothing to do with FC Routing per se.

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Re: Insistend Domain ID Mode in SAN router



IBM_2498_R06_01:admin> configure


  Fabric parameters (yes, y, no, n): y

    Domain: (1..239)




  Insistent Domain ID Mode (yes, y, no, n):


u need a offline window to do this.

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