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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Registered: ‎06-09-2012

ITW Errors

We've a server port generating excessive ITW errors at the switch port.

As part of analysis, we've temporarily blocked the switch port and replaced the SFP.

Even after replacing the SFP I could see more ITW errors at the switch port end.

Could someone please tell me what would be the likely cause for this? Do a cable move to another port is required?

We're planning to replace the respective windows server HBA card. Is that a good option to proceed?

Thanks for your time,

Rakesh P.

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Registered: ‎10-26-2010

Re: ITW Errors

The counter is increasing on incoming frames, so the problem is not likely to be the port or the SFP. I'd be looking at cable and then HBA.

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