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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL issue between 5100 and 4100 - Urgent Help!!!

I would like to create an ISL between 5100 and 4100 switch. I have run the fiber cable and also changed the domain ID between the switches.

Existing old switches (4100s) have domain id 1 and 2 and New switches (5100) have 3 and 4

But i dont see any activity or connection been made between the switches. lights are not lit up yet and no error messages

Can anyone please help me out here in terms or procedure what steps needs to be done ?  I need to put these brocades in production as soon as possible. Please advise.!!!

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Re: ISL issue between 5100 and 4100 - Urgent Help!!!


When you do a "switchshow" in the CLI  do you see anything listed on the ports you made your ISLs ?

You could login into the web interface and manually set the ports to "E" ports under portadmin and see if that works.


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Re: ISL issue between 5100 and 4100 - Urgent Help!!!

Hi David,

Currently i am able to connect the switch using auto negotiating and it is working but the bad part is that i get the warning message on the both switches called "Zone Conflict" ..  Existing 4100 brocade i get Zone Conflict on port #3 and new 5100 switch i get Zone Conflict on port #0 and it cause to stop the communication between the switches and nothing happens after that.

Someone told me the below procedure to fix the zone conflict warning message but its not working.

1- Port disable on both switches 4100 and 5100

2- switchdisable on 5100

3- cfgclear on 5100

4- zoneshow and make sure no zones are there

5- switchenable on 5100

6- portenable on 4100 and 5100 but still no luck.

Please help!!

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Re: ISL issue between 5100 and 4100 - Urgent Help!!!

If you're able to start again with zoning database - i believe you need to be a bit more drastic with the cfgclear / cfgdelete statements - we had a similar issue and had to restort to the following to clear it up.

Stress that you should save your configs if you need to recreate the zones for later use via configupload command.

This is what worked for us:





No effective configuration found.



The Clear All action will clear all Aliases, Zones, FA Zones

and configurations in the Defined configuration.

cfgSave may be run to close the transaction or cfgTransAbort

may be run to cancel the transaction.

Do you really want to clear all configurations? (yes, y, no, n):




You are about to save the Defined zoning configuration. This

action will only save the changes on Defined configuration.

Any changes made on the Effective configuration will not

take effect until it is re-enabled.

Do you want to save Defined zoning configuration only? (yes, y, no, n):


Updating flash ...





Committing configuration ... done.

Change the zone id to

5, 6 or whatever

from 1





Hope this helps!


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Re: ISL issue between 5100 and 4100 - Urgent Help!!!

Another thing that migth cause the "WARNING FABRIC-SEGMENTED, zone conflict" message is that a switch being added to the exsiting fabric has "Zoning Default Mode" set to "No access". It happened to me while adding a new 5100 running FOS 7.0.1


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