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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ICL Upgrade

Are there any docs or procedures on how to add and configure ICL cards too a DCX switch?

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Re: ICL Upgrade


you need ICL license on both the Dirs. It is so simple : after installing the licenses you need to connect the ICL ports

pls find attached  the pdf for configuration

if you find it helped you pls make the thread correct

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Re: ICL Upgrade

Hello Hemant.

I was going through your ICL Document and I had few questions on that.

The majority of Storage Area Networks (SANs) have fewer than 1,000 ports in any single fabric. ICL connectivity provides the option of building a SAN with 3 x Brocade DCX Backbones instead of a core-edge architecture with switches and backbones.

Here I might be bit lack of knowledge, but I would like to know the Zoning Configuration behind this Triangular Topology.

My Questions

1. We are in the process of deploying DCX Directors (384 Ports) in our Site and if I propose the Traingular Topology Configuration Using ICL will I view them as 1 Fabric (Only 1 Effective Zone Config )?
2. Normally the DCX Directors will have 3 IP (CP0, CP1 and the Main IP). Here will I have 9 IP since its a Triangular Topology? In this case from Which Switch will I have to populate (Create) the Zones? Any Switch would do, So that it populates the Fabric (Effective Config)?

3. Are there any Disadvantages?

Thanks in Advance.


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Re: ICL Upgrade

1> An ICL, from a zonig perspective, is effectivly an ISL with the difference that is uses dedicated ports instead off using port from the port blades.

The three DCX's are in one fabric with one effective zoning config (disregarding VF's)

2>You can zone from what ever switch you prefer, and Yes you'll have 9 IP's

3>ICL will cost you more money (buy a license) but will save you on end ports.

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Re: ICL Upgrade

Hello Dion,

Thank You Very Much :-)



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