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IBM 2498-B24 upgrade issue

Current OS level is 6.4.3c

Upgrade to 7.1.2b


Currently tring to upgrade the B24 to 7.x.x, but it keeps only getting so far before it times out. 


We have currently tried.


Mount USB sick to the switch, but it would not accept the format.

Use the web interface tools with Java (god help us) and that did not work either. 

We finally did a serial connection with serial to putty terminal and did the following command to the FTP server.


firmwaredownload -s


The download starts, but times out after about 20 mins when it gets to FOS.


We have changed the ports to make sure full duplex is running and tried other tips we found off these boards. If you have any other tips that would be useful please advise.

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