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How to find all license information in brocade switch?

Dear Friends ,


our switch showing total 24 license in that 10 or free now i want to use that remaing 

how to activate thouse .

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Re: How to find all license information in brocade switch?

You should be able to use a combination of "switchshow" to show currently licensed ports and "licenseshow" to show installed licenses.


Here's an excerpt from one of my switches.  Note that ports 0-15 are licensed, ports 16-24 arent:


   9 9 290900 id N4 Online FC F-Port 50:00:1f:e1:50:1c:14:5a
   10 10 290a00 -- N8 No_Module FC
   11 11 290b00 -- N8 No_Module FC
   12 12 290c00 id N4 Online FC F-Port 50:06:0b:00:00:61:5d:78
   13 13 290d00 id N4 Online FC F-Port 1 N Port + 9 NPIV public
   14 14 290e00 -- N8 No_Module FC
   15 15 290f00 -- N8 No_Module FC
   16 16 291000 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled


And I have one 8-port upgrade license installed:


    Fabric license
    First Ports on Demand license - additional 8 port upgrade license

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