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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How do you export port mappings?

I'm a newbie on Fiber switches - can someone tell me how I can export the port mappings from a Brocade 5424  switch (the WWN of the servers plugged into each port)?  We definitiely have zoning problems and our SAN has been down twice recently.  We paid professional contractors but didn't receive any documentation, and now I need to document everything - so that I can try to work with support to fix things.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: How do you export port mappings?

Simplest way would be to use SAN health,  >>Brocade SAN Health Download

Download, install, add your switches (you need a ip / uid and pwd), add contact details, deselect perfomance metrics and run it.

The tool will ask you to upload the gathered data to Brocade.

After a few hours (depending on your size of your setup) an email is returned to the address provided earlier.

It contains a Visio drawing an Excel sheet and an data file to be used for SAN health professional.

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