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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Hot Code Activation

Has anyone experienced any problems with firmware upgrades and hot code activation not working properly on a 3900? I recently tried to upgrade from 4.1.1a to 4.2.0b and I actually had loss of light and I/O disruption to my hosts connected to the switch I upgraded. Hot Code activation is suppossed to work as no loss of light and no I/O disruption.

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Re: Hot Code Activation

I recently went through the same porcess and get the same results you did.What are we missing here?

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Re: Hot Code Activation

We had the same problem when we upgraded from 4.1.1b to 4.1.2e however when we did it (in another switch) from 4.1.2e to 4.2.0b, it was just fine.Fernando

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