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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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High Invalid ordered set on Brocade Enryption Switch

Value in incrementing and rolling over in seconds.    Host HBA's are Sun Emulex 8Gb's ... cables been tested .. not sure what else the issue could be and what/if any kind of problem it could cause.

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Re: High Invalid ordered set on Brocade Enryption Switch

Hi I have the same Problem with 8 G.

We have Invalid ordered set on diskhba(SVC) and on Server HBA. We are still working on this but have a good idea where its coming from.

If  we change the Speed from 8 to 4 G the counter stops or the other solution is to change the fillword to ARBFF in Link Init, ARBFF as fill word.

"portcfgfillword 2/0 1"

Greetings Christoph

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