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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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HBAs missing from FDMI output

New to brocade commands.  Trying to understand the output of the FDMIshow and what it means.

We are missing about 6 HBAs from the commands output on our 4424 Dell Brocades.

Fabric OS  V5.3.0_emb1

Thanks in advance


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Re: HBAs missing from FDMI output

So far I tried very hard but didn't get mcuh information other than below

"fdmishow display detailed FDMI (Fabric Device Management Interface)

device information"

Good luck for your questions.

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Re: HBAs missing from FDMI output

You have to enable FDMI on the HBA's. If they come with a driver that doesn't support FDMI you're out of luck and have to complain the to the HBA vendor. I agree this is one of the most helpful sections in a supportsave when trying to map and identfy devices in a fabric.

It is part of the FC standard but not every vendor has implemented it on their devices.

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