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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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General fabric merge question

We have a 48000 director and a 4900 switch. These two switches are both in production with their own zoning configurations. We plan to merge the two fabrics into one and make the 4900 as a edge swicth. I am looking for general procedures on how to accomplish this.


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Re: General fabric merge question

My advice do not approach this casually. Basic steps that I can think of

1. You need to alter zoning configs on both switches to look exactly the same. Use fabric manager - "fabric merge" OR the free zone merger tool to identify the differences after you make the changes. The zone merger tool is/was available in the Scripts and Utilities section. It will help u validate ur work.

2. The fabric parameters must be the same. If u have fabric manager then "fabric merge" takes care of this, but otherwise u need to ensure that there are no variations. U need to have unique domain id's and lower domain id for the switch you want to assign as principal. Fabric parameters are normally the same if you are using defaults.

Once you ensure that you have all this in place

3. Connect the two switches via ISL.

If all goes well you will receive an applause, else you get a segmented fabric

Best of luck.

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Re: General fabric merge question


Thanks for the information. Regarding your answer 1, this is the goal of the fabric merge. However, at this point each switch/fabric has its own zoneset and config, and each set is unique. I can make sure there is no overlap. Each config will have a different configuration name. According to the manual, I should be able to merge these two unique fabric into a larger fabric consisting these two subset. I just want to confirm this is possible.

I like to hear anyone else with experience with this type of fabric merge.

I also read somewhere that one of the switch config should be disabled, please comment on that too.


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Re: General fabric merge question


First at all, i dont think that make any sense to merge a small Fabric.

It is easy you add a new zone and / or new Alias in the Productive cfg you 48K unplug/plug step by step from the 4900 to 48K


--->>> Each config will have a different configuration name.

your cannot create more than one"active" config in the "same Fabric".

You can create more config but only ONE configfg can be Activated and Run in Productive Environments.

More cfg can create and activated in different fabric.


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Re: General fabric merge question

Hi solar,

The most times I merged fabrics, I used the merge tool too.

As Techhelp24 mentioned too, the core issue mostly is the same configuration name.

Using the config tool, I copied the zoning from the switch to merge to the target zoning config fabric.

Then I copied this whole config to the migratable switch and activate it.

But keep in mind, you shortly interrupt any existing traffic on this switch.

In case you have a dual fabric design, it is not an issue, but using your two switches previously as dual fabric, this cut shortly your conections.

Finally, if possible I also would prefer Techhelp24's approach to physically move the cables from the smaller to the 48K switch after defining the corresponding zones.

Kind regards,


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Re: General fabric merge question

I've used the Zone Merge tool also and it worked fine in the past. I am now trying to use it to merge 2 DS-4900 together but when I login to one of the switches, the Zone Merge tool crashes. Logging into the other switch works fine. What is the latest version of the Zone Merge tool and where can I get it? There used to be a bunch of freeware tools like the Zone Merge tool and another to upload/download configs to switches and I can't seem to find any of them now. Have my search skills become inept or are they no longer available?

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