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GLOG messages meaning?

dear all,

we are now seeing new kind of messages in errdumpall on the switches recently upgraded to FOS 7.1.0c:

2013/06/25-19:59:14:860530, , 1972/0, SLOT 7 | CHASSIS, ERROR, Brocade_DCX, Invalid handle.  Handle: 10034870, OID:0x003e0007, glog.c, line: 410, comp:softupgrade, ltime:2013/06/25-19:59:13:502727

2013/06/25-19:59:15:160196, , 1973/0, SLOT 7 | CHASSIS, ERROR, Brocade_DCX, Initialization error.  Error: Dest init failure errno=12, OID:0x003e0007, glog.c, line: 181, comp:TRACE CLI, ltime:2013/06/25-19:59:13:802614

2013/06/25-20:01:34:803292, , 1977/0, SLOT 6 | CHASSIS, ERROR, Brocade_DCX, Invalid handle.  Handle: 10034870, glog.c, line: 410, comp:softupgrade, ltime:2013/06/25-20:01:34:802902

2013/06/25-20:01:35:209696, , 1978/0, SLOT 6 | CHASSIS, ERROR, Brocade_DCX, Invalid handle.  Handle: 100319f8, glog.c, line: 410, comp:TRACE CLI, ltime:2013/06/25-20:01:35:209628

anybody already knows the meaning of these? thanks in advance...

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Re: GLOG messages meaning?

Dear All,


Could you please advice on the GLOG errors requested by Alex.

I could also notice the same errors "[GLOG-5002] and [GLOG-5001] error code after upgrading to FOS 7.1.1c on DCX-4S, also notice the IPC-5023 errors.


Awaiting for your prompt reply...

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Re: GLOG messages meaning?

Hi there,


Brocade FAQ4146 provides a response to those events:



The following errors GLOG messages are appearing in the ras log after a firmware upgrade, switch reboot, power cycle or while taking a supportsave:

2014/03/19-16:10:35:990962, [GLOG-5001], 1981/0, SLOT 7 | CHASSIS, ERROR, 
IBM_2499_384, Initialization error. Error: Dest init failure errno=12, 
OID:0x003e0007, glog.c, line: 181, comp:TRACE CLI, 

2014/03/19-16:11:39:113543, [GLOG-5002], 1984/0, SLOT 6 | CHASSIS, ERROR, 
IBM_2499_384, Invalid handle. Handle: 10034870, glog.c, line: 410, 
comp:softupgrade, ltime:2014/03/19-16:11:39:113477


The GLOG messages were generated by trying to close a closed stream when dumping log data. 
For example: a stream of data was sent to the error log and the stream was then closed, the system then attempts to close that stream again but fails and the error is generated. This error has no impact on the switch. 



These documents are provided "as is" and without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty of non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. All warranties are expressly disclaimed. User assumes the full risk of using these instructions. In no event shall Brocade be liable for any actual, direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages arising from such use, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.



So I wouldn't worry about 'em.



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Re: GLOG messages meaning?

Hi Flipon,


Thank you for assisting on this one,


I still have a query, The GLOG error message only seems to occur when we tigger a supportsave is this expected behaviour?


We have only been getting this error since the switch upgraded to 7.1.1c. Is this a known issue on this FW revision?

Do we have any latest firmware revision in which these errors have been fixed.?


Awaiting for your valuable reply.

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