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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Full duplex definition?

I'm setting up some monitoring of my switches and ran into a bandwidth question. How exactly is full duplex defined? Is 4Gb full duplex 4Gb each way or 2Gb+2Gb Tx/Rx? Any links to official Brocade documentation on this would be helpful.

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Re: Full duplex definition?

Monitoring is generally done through the ethernet port, i.e. "eth0". Are you talking about that or in-band type of monitoring?If you are monitoring through the ethernet, I can assist. If you are trying to use a third party app to monitor in-band, I can't. Please provide a bit more information about your plans.

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Re: Full duplex definition?

To answer the question, full duplex means communication can occur in both directions at the same time. So, for a 4Gb link you could see 4Gb of Rx traffic and 4Gb of Tx traffic at the same time.

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