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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Firmware Upgrade For F32

I'm trying to upgrade an f32 from v5.3.0d to v5.3.1b and timeout at exactly 30 minutes. I changed the timeout value to unlimited and that doesn't help.

Any suggestions ? I have tried multiple times. I've downloaded the firmware more then once to eliminate a bad file. One thing to note. The file was named

v5.3.1b.tar.tar and I renamed to v5.3.1b.tar.gz. This happened ever time I downloaded the file (3 times)

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Re: Firmware Upgrade For F32

FabOS Package ended with tar, are Linux and Unix Package, and you cannot rename

the file Name, otherview are the Firmware File invalid.

Do you work with a Linux or Unix Workstation or from a Windows WS.

The time-out problem is caused by they FTP Server Configuration.


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