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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fibre Cables


I am just about to order a load of fibre cables, i do not have much knowledge on the different type. Does anyone have a list of the different types and there bandwidth ability.


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Re: Fibre Cables

Hi craig.lockhart,

basically you'd need one of these:

OM3 = 50/125u Multimode 2000 MHz*km (Aqua color), LC/LC connector. Good for 150 m at 8 Gbps. This is used in most modern SANs.

SM = 9/125u Singlemode (Yellow color). This is the one used for longhaul links. Commonly also LC/LC connector but some extension equipment and some patch panels still use SC connector so you might need LC/SC cables as well. Check with your cabling guys onsite.

There used to be other standards as well, so if you're going to utilize existing cabling you might hit one of these:

OM2 = 50/125u Multimode, 500 MHz*km (Orange color). Good for 50 m at 8 Gbps.

OM1 = 62.5/125u Multimode, 200 MHz*km (Gray, sometimes Orange). Good for 21 m at 8 Gbps. Not recommended for modern SANs.

Finally, some vendors market OM4/OM3+ cables that exceed OM3 standard. For instance, HP offers PremierFlex cables that are 50/125u, 3000 Mhz*km (Blue color). These do not provide any benefits for 8GFC applications other than improved bend radius (7 mm vs 30 mm standard).

Factory cables are preferred over custom-made ones, mostly for reliability and standardization. Factory cables come in variety of lengths most commonly 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 15, 30 and 50 meters.

Although sometimes operational, mixing segments of different types in one optical path is not recommended.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Fibre Cables

Thanks Linar

That was very helpful.


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