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Fabric Watch sender email address


I am currently configuring Fabric Watch in our enviroment with FOS 6.4.1b. We´ve got 4 DCX´s with 4 Virtual Fabrics each.

After configuring FW and notifications by email through a relay server and I am sending test emails from different logical switches.

I configured also de DNS server with dnsconfig command.

What I can get is that from some Logical switches I get the sender as

<switchname>@<domain name>

which is what I want.

but from another ones I get stuff like

switch_30@<domain name>

which makes no sense, as the switchname command shows the right name assigned.

Anyone can tell me where is the DCX taking that name from, in order to change it? Or if this is a concern that must be manually added to the DNS server?

Thank you!

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Re: Fabric Watch sender email address

I have same this problem. Anyone can solve this issue or not?

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Re: Fabric Watch sender email address

I think it read configuration from /etc/mail/

U need to use root account to view the file
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Re: Fabric Watch sender email address

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Hi Guillermo,


                For an email alert to function correctly, add the CP0 and CP1 IP addresses and hostnames to DNS and also set the domain name and name server.

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