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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fabric ISL merger configuration

Hi all, I have a fabric one with these fabric switches connected:


Sikworm Brocade 4100 (6.4.0b) + Brocade AP6700 (6.3.2a) + Brocade 6510 (7.2.1)


I need to do a merge of the SAN with Brocade 3900, to ultimately left this setting:

Sikworm Brocade 4100 (6.4.0b) + Brocade AP6700 (6.3.2a) Brocade 6510 + (7.2.1) + Brocade 3900


Both are in production and fabric to its active configurations, need to do a merge of both fabrics and keep things running smoothly


What I have to do and keep in mind to make the merge?



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Re: Fabric ISL merger configuration

If you need to merge two fabrics each with their own configuration you will need to have a Union of both configurations.

I would back up both configurations before you begin of course.

There is a utility called Fabric Merge which is very useful.


See this useful link:


Yes, it should. But it has to be 100% exactly the same zoning config. This means even the order of the zone members in the additional zone has to be the same.



Solutions ID:   SLN2181

SWITCH1:admin> configshow|grep fabric.ops.mode

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