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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FabOS 6.1.2 switch parameters information

Can anyone let me know what the following parameters are for?





when I run a configshow "fabric" command these appear in only one SW4100 switch in my SAN.

The other nine SW4100 switches do not show these parameters.


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Re: FabOS 6.1.2 switch parameters information

for threshold and fabric watch,

switchstatuspolicyshow and switchstatuspolicyset command

for details refer the command reference manual

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Re: FabOS 6.1.2 switch parameters information

These are FabricWatch parameter which were change to custom values.

I assume that ED is the E-port down in the Fabric class.

Someone set the above value and the alert settings.

Please check the FabricWatch reference guide. I have added the FW guide of 6.3 and not 6.1.2

SO you will not find all of the values in guide on your SAN switch until you do an update

I hope this helps.


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