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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FSS-1001 Component \(swc\) dropping HA data update


I have a problem wtih the warning "dropping HA data update", the version is FOS 6.2.0c.

I don't stand where is the problem, because that error is logged generally at 01:00AM.

During the day, does not generate any warning, it is a recoverable error, because the CP is operative.

I didn't make any change after update.

Any idea?



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Re: FSS-1001 Component \(swc\) dropping HA data update


see below.

Message: <timestamp>, , <sequence-number>,, WARNING, <system-name>, Component
(<component name>) dropping HA data update (<update ID>).

Probable Cause: Indicates that an application has dropped a high availability (HA) data update.

Recommended Action:

Run the haSyncStart command if this is a dual-CP system, or reboot the switch if it is a nonbladed

If the message persists, run supportFtp (as needed) to set up automatic FTP transfers; then run the
supportSave command and contact your switch service provider.

Severity WARNING

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Re: FSS-1001 Component \(swc\) dropping HA data update


The problem was solved, when I run a fastboot commnad on the standby CP Slot6 should clear up this issue.

Kind Regards


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