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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS download

I do not see FOS download links anymore in the download section. Where are they now?

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Re: FOS download

Note: Access to firmware is provided based on your relationship with Brocade. You can access operating systems firmware for Brocade SAN only if you have valid contract.

Try asking your OEM vendor or your support organisation if you do not have a support contract with Brocade. Sometimes the firmware is available on your vendors website. For example I remember IBM hosting firmware on their site accessible to their customers.

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Re: FOS download


If you are using HP B-series switches then you could find the FOS.

You need a ITRC user id password to access this software.

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Re: FOS download

Do you know if the FOS downloaded from HP can be used for non-HP Brocade switches? 

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Re: FOS download

Hi there,


Yes, you can use it on non-HP brocade switchs.




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