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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ED_DCX_B manual or autonegotiate for 1,2,4Gbps

FOS 6.4.1.a

All my ports(F-port) are set to  auto negotiate which includes 4Gbps(25%), 2Gbps(more than 50%) and 1Gbps(20 %) and only one manula 4Gbps.

The hosts are mostly HP-UX, linux,ESX, and window. Array includes VMAX and CX4 and CX3.

What is the best practice?

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Re: ED_DCX_B manual or autonegotiate for 1,2,4Gbps

it doesn't mapper if you use auto or set the spped manually. Second one is more work and not flexible.

Speed negoiation works fine on Brocade switches. I set the speed only one storage ports to fixed values.

I hope this helps.



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Re: ED_DCX_B manual or autonegotiate for 1,2,4Gbps

I on the other hand like to set things manual where ever its possible.

It does indeed not matter, but i want to notice failing optics or cable issues as soon as possible.

And although tooling exitst to assist me, i found fixing the speed at the highest possible setting for a particular port works best for my environment.

Instead off a lower speed negotiation in case of failing optics the link just drops completely.

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