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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX backbone - Integrated Routing?

Hi all,

I was doing some reading on DCX switch (from Brocade docs/literatures) and ran across the following statement with regard to Integrated Routing.

"Brocade recommends that you DO NOT have any backbone devices when using integrated routing." 

It does not give any reasons nor further explanation of  that statement.   If anyone knows exactly what they are saying, please explain.   Your help is greatly appreciated.

Brocade enduser.

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Re: DCX backbone - Integrated Routing?

Hi ,

Integrated routing is a new feature available only in 8Gbps switch like (5100 and 5300), this is feature comes with the FOS installed in the switch, you can enable it for a particular port (but the option is available for all ports in the switch), once it is enable for a particular port , then the port will act as an Ex port(Ex port is a  type of E_Port used to connect a Multiprotocol Router to an edge fabric), if it is enabled,you dont want to have any seperate router,this option enables selective device sharing while maintaining remote fabric.

Someone please correct me if im wrong.



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Re: DCX backbone - Integrated Routing?

Sounds good to me  :-).   I suspected that what it try to say  is not to connect a backbone to a backbone but wasn't sure.  Thanks.

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