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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX-VIO Server-NPIV-EMC DMX4-Non Visibility of Drives

We have a VIO Server connected to DCX Switch.. Portshow shows that 2 VIO Clients have logged in. And we see that Virtual WWPNs are logging into the Storage Frame DMX4. However VIO Client does not see the LUNs. Here is the Port Show output.

What is the significance of "invalid_word" count which is so high. I do see that Lr_in, Lr_out, Ols_in, Ols_out values are normal. So I think there is no SFP or cable problem. enc_out value is 2.7m. when I looked at porterrshow output.

Can someone assist in diagnosing this issue.

portHealth: HEALTHY

Authentication: None
portDisableReason: None
portCFlags: 0x1

portType:  17.0
portState: 1    Online
Protocol: FC
portPhys:  6    In_Sync         portScn:   32   F_Port
port generation number:    22752
state transition count:    122

portId:    760800
portIfId:    43120010
portWwn:   20:08:00:05:1e:98:12:00
portWwn of device(s) connected:
Distance:  normal
portSpeed: 8Gbps

LE domain: 0
FC Fastwrite: OFF
Interrupts:        0          Link_failure: 1          Frjt:         0
Unknown:           17         Loss_of_sync: 6          Fbsy:         0
Lli:               94         Loss_of_sig:  2
Proc_rqrd:         13490      Protocol_err: 0
Timed_out:         0          Invalid_word: 2740339
Rx_flushed:        0          Invalid_crc:  0
Tx_unavail:        0          Delim_err:    0
Free_buffer:       0          Address_err:  0
Overrun:           0          Lr_in:        1
Suspended:         0          Lr_out:       1
Parity_err:        0          Ols_in:       1
2_parity_err:      0          Ols_out:      1
CMI_bus_err:       0

Port part of other ADs: No

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Re: DCX-VIO Server-NPIV-EMC DMX4-Non Visibility of Drives

have you done the zoning properly, have u saved it with cfgadd, cfgsave and cfg enable, you can use fcping, nscamshow whether the inititor or target ar talking ot each other.have you published the LUN in a properway .have you checked the WWNs of the HBAs and storage ports?

If everything is ok, doa portstatsclear on the HBA and storage port, then check through portstatsshow and porterrshow.

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Re: DCX-VIO Server-NPIV-EMC DMX4-Non Visibility of Drives

Zoning has been done well. For about 15 days, the VIO Clients were able to access LUNs through the Physical Server. After some time both VIO Clients sharing the Same Physical HBA are not seeing the LUNs.

I did run fcping between each VIO (Virtual WWPN) to Storage Port on the Frame (WWPN). It went well and no frames missing, no time out, no rejections.

I did clear the error count (portstatsclear ) on the Port which is connected to Physical HBA of the VIO Server.

I will monitor for a day more and will check with Unix Admin and let you know. Running the command, Portstatsclear, does it help in any way ?

Thank you.

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Re: DCX-VIO Server-NPIV-EMC DMX4-Non Visibility of Drives

What is the significance of invalid_word count high ? (when we looked at Portshow x/y)

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Re: DCX-VIO Server-NPIV-EMC DMX4-Non Visibility of Drives

Unless I've somehow missed it, I don't see an answer to the original question, "what is the significance of a very high invalid_word count?"   I'm having the same problem, and would like to know the answer.



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Re: DCX-VIO Server-NPIV-EMC DMX4-Non Visibility of Drives

This is related to the wrong portcfgfillword on the SAN switch port which runs on 8Gbit.

I know that this is an old thread.

But maybe some one is intrested in this.


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