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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Console into switch

I have a 3800 switch that does not allow me to login through the network (another issue). Can't reboot the switch to fix. Had a quick offline/online felt by a couple of servers and need to check out the switch. Anybody have a procedure for consoling in with a laptop? Anybody ever have a port go offline/online all of a sudden?

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Re: Console into switch

dalek,I assume it have a Network Problem, any reboot not resolve their Problem, but you can use fastboot. Check their Subnet and see in the switch whit the command ipaddrshow if this have correct IP Address.

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Re: Console into switch

I use TeraTerm Pro and the DB9 serial cable that comes with the switch. Plug one end of the cable to the Console/Admin port on the switch and the other to your laptop's COM1 port, fire up Tera Term Pro, select Serial (COM1), hit Enter a couple of times and you should see a Login: prompt appear.

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