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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connect 2 brocade 200e FC

Hello, I hope someone can help or guide me, i have a 200e fc switch connected to several vmware hosts and 2 SAN in a rack, i rent a second rack where i will add a new 200e fc and new vmware hosts.... the question is ..... how i can connect the second new switch to the first so the new vmware hosts into the new rack can see the 2 san into the old rack ??


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Re: Connect 2 brocade 200e FC

The term you looking for is ISL Inter Switch Link.


Basiaclly make sure the new switch has the same fabric wide parameters but an unique domain id.

Also make sure that thw new switch is swtchdisable and no zoning active.

Depending in the firmware also make sure the default zoning is the proper one to allow a merge.

With the switchdisable and parameters set ISL both switches together, and switchenable the new switch.

Don properly you now have a single fabric with 2 switches

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Re: Connect 2 brocade 200e FC

Follow these steps,


1. Check the existing switch configuration to see the Domain ID, and fabric parameters.

    # switchshow command would display the "Switch domain" and "Switch mode"


2. Configure your new switch with a Domain ID which is not used by the existing switch and change the Switch mode if it is different in new switch. You will have to perform the following steps in new switch.

    #switchshow  - to verify the switch mode and Domain ID,

    # switchdisable  - to diable the switch - required for performing configurations

    # configure  - input information only for domain ID and fabric parameters (you may refer help menu for configure to get more detail)

    # switchenable - to enable the switch


3. Verify any existing configurations on the new switch, if any then clear it.

    # cfgdisable "configuration name"

    # cfgclear

4. You can now connect an FC cable from switch1 to your new switch. It should create an ISL and the configurations will be replicated to the new switch.


Let me know if you need any further assistance.






In this case, If your new 200E switch doesnot have any zoning configuration 

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Re: Connect 2 brocade 200e FC

Thanks to all for the esaustive replies, i need another intormation, i need to make a fault tolerant fabric because connect the FC switches with a single fiber cable can give a poor performances and the fiber can be saturated, infact each host in my infrastructure have 2 HBA configured in round robin and the storages have 4 HBA.

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