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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Configuring failover (newbie)

I am new to fibre technology and am playing around right now. We have 2 IBM H-16 (Brocade 3850) switches and I'm trying to set them up in a failover scenario. I have a FAStT 600 Turbo and a FAStt100 hooked up in a failover configuration. I also have a management server with dual connections hooked up in a failover configuration. Is there any documentation on what I need to setup on the fibre switches to allow the failover to work or does anybody have any pointers. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Configuring failover (newbie)

From your post it looks like you may be trying to ensure that your host will failover from one path to the other path.This is probably confusing as all get out, but I'm out of time. Respond if you need more help and I'll try and expand on this some more.

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Re: Configuring failover (newbie)

the host needs to have multipathing software loaded and be able to see the disk on both paths. Also the disk needs to be presented on both the array frontend ports. what is the host vendor?

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