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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Configuring SW 3800

We have a EMC cx400 with 4 ports, we purchased 2 Silkworm 3800 to connect all of our servers to the EMC SANS. Is there a cookbook approach documentation anywhere to the configuration and zoning of the switches. The documentation on the CD is a little vague. Would like to be able to to this in-house.

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Re: Configuring SW 3800

I don't know of any good 'how to' documentation, but you should be able to get your configuration to work without problem by following these guidelines:<!graemlin::)>

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Re: Configuring SW 3800

I would be curious to get some hints on your final configuration. We have a very similar installation planned later this month with one difference. On one 3800 we will use a few ports for our Netapp Filer -share a switch with a cx400. There needs to be no communication between the networks so they will be separated by zoning. Is there anything we should watch out for and what type of zoning would be recommended?

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Re: Configuring SW 3800

EMC "Option link" Website is an excellent source of EMC product inrofamtion. I like to add to mr. Bernd's recommendations.Also, as suggested if you are planning to use EMC Powerpath for failover, providing seprate paths make sure each Fabric switch has a zone created including the HBA and the connecting SP's world wide name.

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