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Configupload to a Windows host

I can't configupload to a Windows host. I tried SCP and FTP.  Error message retured /tmp/config.txt.... Looks like it is looking for /tmp that is no exist in Windows.  Any ideas why?

I can configupload to Solaris host via scp.  

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Configupload to a Windows host

Create a sub directory under your FTP ROOT directory named config

and then when configupload asks for file name - specify - /config/switchnameconfig.txt

I presume you are not specifying any path and using defaults which wont work.

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Re: Configupload to a Windows host

Hi eyam,

sorry for my stupid question, but have you a running FTP or SCP server configured and running on your Windows box?

Windows doesn't support scp or ftp in a default config. You have to install one of these services before you run a config up or download from a switch.



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Re: Configupload to a Windows host


install FTP server, open it, click change directory, give the path name, do a configupload, give ur FTP servers login & password, it will give u the message in FTP window, on complete, it will show u. If u find this helps u pls mark the thread

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