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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cisco UCS Boot SAN

Booting SAN

I have some doubts about an implememtation.

The environment consists of a chassis UCS 5100, 4 blade server B200M2 with M81KR cards and two 6120XP Fabric. The fabric switch are connected to a Brocade Fibre switch 200C and 5000. The storage is NetApp FAS 3160.

Wanting to set the profile to a server B200M2 making it boot from the SAN, we see that the ports on fiber switches shown the "F" mode. These ports are connected to the fabric 6120XP and they have enable NPIV. The operation mode in the fabric is "ENd Host mode" and fiber ports are listed as "proxy_N." My question is, It's normal in the Brocade switches, the fiber ports with connection to the fabric display "E" mode? Should not show "N" port mode??

Thanks in advance, Regards!

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Re: Cisco UCS Boot SAN

N-ports are end devices, like hosts or storage devices (targets/initiators).

E-ports are port on a switch with another switch on the other end.

F-ports on your Brocade switch where your UCS interconnect are attached to is expexted if your UCS setup isn't advertising fabric services aka running in the Cisco equiv. of Brocades Access Gateway mode.

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Re: Cisco UCS Boot SAN

Thank you Dion.v.d.c!!

Best Regards!

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