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Changing "Disable NodeName Zone Checking" Parameter

I have a question regarding a Brocade multi-switch fabric.  When changing the configure "zoning.check.nodeNameDisabled" parameter from a 0 to 1 on a specific switch, is this a switch event or an entire fabric event?  I know the only way to make this change is to disable the switch first but I want to know if changing this parameter on one switch will affect the other switches.  And if this is changed on one switch do I need to make this change on all the other switches in the fabric or just the switch one where I need this feature?  Will making this change on just one switch and not on others cause it to segment or prevent it from merging into an existing fabric?


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Re: Changing "Disable NodeName Zone Checking" Parameter

This is not a fabric parameter, so changing it on one switch only won't prevent that switch from joining the fabric. I checked this in my lab.

As far as I understand this parameter only affects zoning management operations running on a given switch.

As a side note, why would you need this ancient compatibility option in 2011?

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