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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cascading of SAN Switches

I have IBM_2109_M48 on Fabric version v5.2.0a and two SilkWorm 200E switches on version v5.2.0b.

I need to take the SilkWorm switches to the location of the IBM switch and connect them together.

I want to find out the compactibility of these switches.

Do I need a firmware upgrade on anyone for them to connect to each other.

I will really apprciate a help as I am new on SAN switches.

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Re: Cascading of SAN Switches

v5.2.0a and v5.2.0b should work fine. However Brocade always recommends running the latest/greatest code to be loaded on the switches......the latest Brocade firmware code supported on both 48000 and 200E is v6.2.2f.



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Re: Cascading of SAN Switches

If you want details about compatibility a good place to look in is the release notes of 5.2.0b (the highest version).

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