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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cannot View Web Admin Tools

Hope that someone can help me please. I am trying to use the web admin tool but constandly get a 'cannot load certificate' error when i enter the username/password. I have tried loading the latest java, and clearing history as in the previous post but to no avail. What I am really after is to zone my switches, so if there is a better tool can anyone help.

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Re: Cannot View Web Admin Tools

I like to telnet in and use the command line. Once you get used to it, it's pretty quick. As for the web problem, don't go to the jave site and download the latest version. Remove all versions of java and when you type the ip in the browser let it choose the version it wants. It seems like every thing that needs java rewuires a different version and they don't play well together. You 'should' be able to just accept any certs that show up.Hope this helps.

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Re: Cannot View Web Admin Tools

another vote for telnet. couldn't tell you the last time I fired up the web tools.good luck

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