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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can't activate fabric zone change 7.2.1a

We upgraded an M5425 switch from 7.1.1 to 7.2.1a - which is in a fabric with a DCX8510 running 7.1.1 - and then tried to make some zone changes with BNA version 12.1.1.  We got the following error:  Failed to save ZoneDB to switch ZoneDB in fabric:  Z_0028  Cannot start transaction.


I found that the BNA version was not compatible with FABOS 7.2.1a, so I upgraded BNA to 12.3 but that didn't fix the problem.


We also tried to make zone changes with Web Tools and the command line but it says the fabric is busy.


Has anyone seen this problem and know how to fix it.  Thanks



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Re: Can't activate fabric zone change 7.2.1a


as I recently upgraded to FOS 7.2.1a I'm sure that minimal supported version of BNA with this FOS is 12.1.4. So try to upgrade BNA once more time from 12.1.3 to 12.1.4. Hope this will help.

Also if DCX8510 is master switch in your fabric it is good idea to upgrade it to 7.2.1a as well if possible as you know that Brocade best practice is master switch to be on the newest FOS in the fabric.



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Re: Can't activate fabric zone change 7.2.1a



message   the fabric is busy   pointing to instable ISL connections, something which prevents , that all switches in fabric acknowledge the zoning modification and zoning activation finishing successfully

Depending on number of switches i would monitor porterrshow for error counters or fabriclog -s  if maybe a flapping port causing fabric disruptions.  further errdump output if you see RTWR messages

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Re: Can't activate fabric zone change 7.2.1a

There is likely a transaction locked on one of the switches. Log in via CLI and issues the command "cfgtransshow". 

What you should see is something like:


switch1:admin> cfgtransshow

There is no outstanding zoning transaction


If there is an outstanding transaction remove it via "cfgtransabort". Retry the zoning operations with an updated BNA release. Futhermore make sure the FOS codes in a fabric are as close as possoble and prefferably equal accross all switches.

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Erwin van Londen
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