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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Call Home email option

The messages that are generated by Call Home are in XML format. Is there any way to convert these to text/HTML before emailing them? In the Call Home configuration setup, there is a field called 'External Executable on Server'. Does anyone have something that will run here and successfully convert the XML messages to text?

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Re: Call Home email option

Am also having problems converting or viewing the CallHomeFile.xml file format. Although the email notifications are of great help the file formats specifically on call home alert attachment could not be viewed completely on my Lotus Notes. Unlike the Change Management Notification attachment u could open the xml format on IE6 wherein the snapshot & changeReport.xslt is needed or a reference for the snapshot & changeReport xml's.TNX

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Re: Call Home email option

I also am looking for a XML -> readable format. Anybody ??

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