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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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CORE PID options for Fabric OS v4.4.0b

We still have a couple 2800s in our SAN and our CORE PID is set to 0. I just got two new 3850s and started to prepare them to be added but I'm not given the option to set CORE PID to 0 on these. Here's what the new switches are running. What are my options here? These 2800s will only be around for another month or so, but I can't wait that long to add these switches.

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Re: CORE PID options for Fabric OS v4.4.0b

the 3850 is a 16 port switch, so it should be able to support CorePID 0 - strange, at least...Another option would be using CorePID 2 if the firmware level of your 2800' is new enough (above 2.6.1 or 2.6.2, not exactly sure)

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