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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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[C2-1030] Internal CRC with good EOF errors exceeded threshold



I have a DCX running on 7.2.1c code.


I found out that I have several C2-1020 and C2-1030 messages in errdump.  (S8,P-1(80) -> Core Blade at slot 8 )


In Brocade FOS Messages Reference, recommended action is as follows:


"If core blade reset, auto tuning or manual tuning did not resolve the issue, replace the blade."



What would be the impact of resetting core blade 8 ? (I don't have any ICL connection)


What would be the manual tuning ?





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Re: [C2-1030] Internal CRC with good EOF errors exceeded threshold

When one core blade is being reset, the switch looses half of internal bandwidth. Also, a minor number of frames currently being processed will be lost at the moment when the blade is turned off, so the hosts will issue SCSI retries. Having said that, resetting the core blade is almost non-disruptive when performed out of the peak hours. I'd advise to perform a complete dummy replace with removal and insertion of the blade for a good refresh of the copper contacts.

For auto tuning - I think that's about serdes. See help and manuals for serdestunemode.

But first of all, I'd open a support case for a good action plan around this issue. You wouldn't be able to perform manual tuning without help from support.

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