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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade LX Mode

The command portbuffershow can show the following Lx Mode:







My question is: is this a kind of layer as the OSI or only the mode that you can configure at brocade?

I'm doubt about the LX mode and when is recommended to use it.What is the difference between static and dynamic mode and  what is generally used.



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Re: Brocade LX Mode

In the current FabOS versions there is no L1/L2 mode anymore. L0 is the normal E-Port mode.

More info about LE, LD, LS mode here:

The longdistance modes are a plain Brocade-proprietary thing (collapse data VCs and increase buffers) and have nothing to do with OSI.

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Re: Brocade LX Mode

Hi jonatas,

I have moved your discussion thread to the Data Center SAn Forum as that will be the best place for you and others users to find this particular discussion thread. This forum is for non-product related questions.

Thank you for using Brocade Communities!


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