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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brcd FOS6.4.2 duplicate WWN detected


would like to ask if someone else already notice messages in errdump, like

, 6121, WWN 10:00:00:05:1e:35:xx:xx | FID 128, WARNING, switch1, Duplicated WWN was detected with PID 0x283730 and 0x1e1d46

and if she/he really found duplicated WWNs in nsshow or portloginshow  or if he/she gets this message in errdump but can never find a duplication ?



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Re: Brcd FOS6.4.2 duplicate WWN detected

Hi Stefan, your not the first one to come across this log entry.

Basically you should check 0x283730 (domain 40 port 55) and 0x1e1d46 (domain 30 port 29) if there are duplicate wwn.

Mind you if you using high port count directors my numbering could by off.

Otherwise try a nodefind 10:00:00:05:1e:35:xx:xx to figure out what ports they reside

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Re: Brcd FOS6.4.2 duplicate WWN detected

Could this be caused by a hypervisor?

Are you using dynamic WWN assignments for HBAs?

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