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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Blade center fibre channel connectivity to brocade core switch issue

All, I have a brocade 4g Internal FC switch installed in an IBM blade center. I then connect this via Fibre to a core 249824E  FC brocade switch. This core switch is in turn connected to an IBM DS4700 and all the HBA's that connect to the core switch are working as intended.

The issue that I am seeing is that none of the HS20's (the IBM blades) can connect to the the core switch via the 4g internal one. The fabrics have merged correctly and I can see all the devices from the core switch transferred to the blade center switch and I can  manage both devices from either side. The fibre that connects the two is saying thatit is online an E port and  is upstream.

However to no avail can I get any of the blades to talk to the DS4700 via WWN zoning. Both bioses are roughly the same ver 6.1.1d and 6.3.0.b respectively. I have ran a complete SAN health check and nothing untoward has come up.

Please can someone kindly point me in the right direction as I am completely stumped to why this is not working as intended. I have triple checked the Zoning and can see nothing wrong ( I do have a work around which is to plug the blade center directly into the DS4700 however this is a temporary measure and leaves the system in a non redundant state.

Many thanks for your swift response

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Re: Blade center fibre channel connectivity to brocade core switch issue


Did you mask any LUNs on the storage array to the blades?

What is it exactly that doesn't work?

Try the fcping to see if you can reach the wwn of the disk array or host.

Check your routing tables. Are you using trunking, port-based routing, exchange based routing? How many ISLs?

See if there are no errors on your E_Ports and F_Ports.


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Re: Blade center fibre channel connectivity to brocade core switch issue


We have encountered this type of issues. The problem with this kind of SW is SAN admins can not do the trouble shooting in chassis SWs, it is only the chassis admins can do it. by the way you can try : unpublish  the LUNs and delete  the zoning and rezone it and then publish it again. you can reboot the servers.

Also you can try : just delete the zone and rezone it. I am sure the problem will be solved as I have done it personally.Sometimes you have to do it.

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