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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Bizarre Brocade DCX Behavior - HELP!

We are running some blade servers from Dell with some Fibre Channel pass through modules.


Dell blades have a feature known as Flex Address. Basically, instead of using the burned in WWN/PN, Flex Address allows a server HBA or CNA to use a WWN from a pool of chassis-generated addresses. Its for stateless computing....a server goes down, you can rerplace it without havoing to change your zoning....


For some bizarre reason, the DCX switch running 7.0.2 is rejected a FLOGI from an HBA that is using Flex Addressing. It just rejects it..."invalid name" is what we get? We have no idea what is "invalid" about the WWN...???


Has anyone seen this before?

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Re: Bizarre Brocade DCX Behavior - HELP!



--->>>Dell blades.


Type / Model / FOS ?




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